HOW TO: Add comment box to your Facebook fan page with Static FBML

Facebook being the hero among allsocialnetworking site, a blogger can drive lots of traffic to his blog from facebook. There are different strategies and tricks he must learn to deliver lots traffic for his blog. There too exists some facebook applications that makes a blogger even more easy. In this post we will be customizing your facebook fan page with the comment box.
Comment box in your facebook page is the best way to knowwhatyour facebook fans think about your page and your blog. So you first need to add Static FBML application t your page. We have already written a post on our blog titled How to create best landing page for your facebook fan page? where you will be finding how to add Static FBML application t your page.

You can take the example of our Facebook fan page at to like this Page). Here in this page we have currently used the Tab called Bloganol as the landing Tab. This tab contains the Snapshot of our blog with the blog link, a text link to the blog and a great comment form where facebook users can comment about our blog that everyone will see.
So in this post we will be Talking about the same comment form as used in our page. To add the same style of comment form in your page, First you need to add a FBML application to your page and then you have to use the comment code inside it. Itsprettyeasy task, I have succeeded at the first shot. I got this code from the Facebok developers wiki about adding the comment code.The code in simple format goes below.

<fb:comments xid="YOUR PAGE ID" canpost="true" candelete="false" returnurl=""> <fb:title>Comments here...</fb:title> </fb:comments> This code belongs to our page. You can edit the code according to your page. If you want to get a little advance then you can follow the tutorial at the Facebook Developer wiki. I you got any problem then you are free to post at the comment box of this post or at the wall of your facebook fan face, We will surely respond you as soon as possible.


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