Follow Our Contest (The prize is slideshow photo for your facebook page ,free advertise your facebook page link here as long 6 month and cool design for your facebook page)

Hai Facebooker,we have a contest ,the prize is:
1.slideshow photo for your facebook page example like this:
Demo Slideshow advertise for your facebook page link in this blog as long 6 month
3.Cool facebook page template.
This contest is simple:
1.Upload our image to your facebook profile,tag “our image” as much as to your facebook friend,include our blog link and description like this:

“Free customize your  facebook page with our tips,in this blog you can get tutorial about facebook page,like script,code,template facebook page and many tutorial about facebook page or fan page.With our freee service,make easy and simple for your nice and attractive facebook page template.
“,nice and attractive design for your facebook page”

upload this image to your facebook profile
3.Add our Facebook page to your Favourite Facebook Page
4.After that, comment in this page,include your facebook photo link.Please do not lock your wall,in order we are easy to review your  upload “our image”
5.who so much like and comment he/she is the winner.
Thanks for join our contest....!



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