Caller CallApp Contact Manager is a new Android application that allows us to manage our contacts and have much more information about them on our device to not only call them, but also schedule appointments, arrange meetings and much more.
CallApp is a new application that allows us to manage our contacts in a simple and convenient. As its name suggests, this application allows us not only calls but also enables us to arrange appointments and set reminders and to have information from different social networks to accommodate our schedule and we can contact our friends.

CallApp combines all the information on the web about your contacts with all the information you share with your friends about these contacts in an address book super intelligent universal gets smarter every day and offers instant useful tools and information about any calls in real time.

CallApp makes conversations fun and productive, giving users a set of interactive tools and full details of any person to communicate with it no matter if the other party:

  • Is initiating or receiving a call
  • Is on the agenda
  • Are you connected through social networks
  • Have you installed CallApp
  • He is a person / business

As for integration with social networks, CallApp can be synchronized with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google + and GMail, which can be enabled or disabled at will.

Another aspect that stands out in CallApp is privacy. By default, this application does not register our information or our contacts. However, we can turn a permission called CallApp Plus, which enable the application to store this data. Similarly, before enabling this option I recommend to read carefully the section on privacy of the app, will not be something that after we meet with some unpleasant surprises.

With all this information and knowledge about your contacts will be able to do more than call: you can arrange meetings and have more opportunities to spend time with them because you will have everything you need to make the meetings more meaningful, productive and fun!

Caller CallApp Contact Manager can now be downloaded for free from Google Play. This application requires Android 2.1 or higher.


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