Easy Way Promote Facebook Fan page With FPO Technique

Perhaps you are wondering, what is a technique FPO? Engineering FPO is not much different from what we hear from the SEO techniques, if the SEO techniques intended for search engines (google, yahoo, etc.) then the FPO technique for Facebok.FPO own Fan page Facebook Page Optimation stands, a way of obtaining and increasing the amount fans page.Istilah fan of this technique from pure Tips blog posting my Facebook Since it is not just a fabrication, before I post I analyzed first.
Without winded words, I will share tips for getting a lot of fans of a Facebook Fan Page do you have a technique to improve the fan FPO.Tips Facebook Fan Page is very easy and simple to in practice, from which free or pay.narkting? Follow these tips or step by step to get thousands of fans facebook or even millions of fans using the FPO technique.
Okay, here are the steps:

1.Needed application named "Static FBML" application is used more than 100 million users, this application is a formal application from tersebuk Facebook.Despite current application does not list the link again so that users will not be able to add this application to the facebook page or pages penggemarnya.But calm, I share the link,click:

2.Give name of your page, with the adjective or a popular word, so that they can find your page from a search box Facebook.Example: "PS3 Games" or "Business Tips Ala Facebook"

3.The managed to install the application "Static FBML" The next step is to add the script to invite their friends for the invite to the fan page that you have.
<fb:request-form method="post" action="YOUR URL" type="YOUR PAGE NAME" invite="true" content="Check out YOUR PAGE Here on Facebook!<fb:req-choice url='">

4.Added script again, the code "share" your fan page
<fb:share-button class="url" href="http://www.yoursite.com" >

5.Added script greeting, as if the page you greet them personally.
&lt;fb:userlink uid=&quot;loggedinuser&quot; /&gt;

6.Add image "like" or "love" on your page, it is intended that they like page that you have.

7.This is most effective technique, namely to design or decorate your page as attractive as possible, you can designed or use the services made fan page of this blog or you can find it from google by typing "Service Create a Fan Page"

8.Make your Facebook Fan Page as attractive as possible so that people who visit your page to be impressed with Facebook Page Viral making Service

9.Last step and easy,promote your facebook page in my blog comment.Example:
"hai brother and sister,like my fan page..

in the end "LOT thumb for your Fan Page


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Amazing,great article it is greta work on my fans page i get thousand fans for this "FPO TECHNIQUE" thanks so much for the best trick...here is my fan page:


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